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Fullstack: Full Laravel with QRCodes, APIs, Android/iOS Drive -2020

The ultimate course full stack development course bundle – MVC, Laravel, QR codes, Payment integration, APIs, microservices

What you’ll learn

2019 Fullstack: Full Laravel with QRCodes, APIs, Android/iOS Course Drive

  • Learn Laravel 5.6
  • Learn database relationships
  • How to integrate QRCodes into websites
  • How to build apps with QRCodes
  • Learn to integrate payment into websites
  • Learn to build an e-commerce platform
  • How to build robust APIs and Microservices platform
  • Learn to document APIs and microservices
  • Learn how to build websites with multi-user levels and permissions
  • How to build admin backends


  • You should have basic knowledge of PHP
  • Should have good knowledge of HTML
  • You should have basic knowledge of CSS


This course is the ultimate web and mobile development course for 2018. It covers all the topics in each technology stack very well. This one course contains tutorials in :

  1. MVC – Complete MVC course
  2. Laravel – Complete beginner to the professional course on the latest version of Laravel (Laravel 5.6),
  3. QR codes – How to integrate QRCodes scanning and retrieval of information into your platform,
  4. Payment integration – How to integrate payment platforms like PayPal, stripe to enable users to make and receive payments on your platform
  5. APIs and microservices – how to build robust microservice platforms that will make it possible for other developers to connect to your platform using packages like Laravel passport
  6. Mobile app development (Android and iOS) – Complete guide on building mobile apps and making them communicate with APIs and microservices

Everyone that intends to be a well-rounded superstar in development must have to take this course.

Who this course is for:

  • People who wish to become full-stack developers
  • People who wish to learn Laravel from basics to advanced
  • Who wish to learn how to integrate QR Codes into websites
  • People who wish to learn how to integrate payments into websites
  • People who wish to learn how to build API/ micro services

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